We Delta Enterprises offer Wide Range of Services during Major Turnarounds:

Heat Exchangers

Positive Isolation Opening, Manual Cleaning, Tube Bundle Pull Out/Insertion, Hydrotesting, Tube Plugging and Box up of all types of Heat Exchangers.

Vessels / Tanks

Positive Isolation, Manholes Opening, Internal Cleaning, Hydrotesting and Box up.

Filters / Strainers

Positive Isolation, Opening, Cleaning, Replacement of Filters/Strainers, Hydro-testing and Box up.


Positive Isolation, Opening of Manholes, Opening of Tray Manways, Internal Cleaning, Removal/Refixing of Trays and box up.


Positive Isolation, Opening, Internal Cleaning, Loading/Unloading of Catalyst, Pressure test and box Up.


Replacement and Removal/Refixing of all Types and Sizes of Valves.


Overhauling and Replacement of all types of Pumps, Pump Alignments with Laser Kit.


Overhauling, repair and Maintenance of Compressor, Alignment and assisting OEM for the same


Removal and Installation of HT/LT Motors of all Sizes, Alignment of the Motors.

Gear Boxes

Overhauling/Replacement of all Types of Gear Boxes, Alignment with Laser Kit.