By Each Passing Day our Aim is to Provide all the Services with Customer Satisfaction, Reliability ,Quality and Safety and to grow up as most trusted, Steady Eminent and Reliable Enterprise.
Our slogan ”fast, faithfully and accurately” is based on a service spirit for customer satisfaction in areas we have been engaging in the sales promoting at various fields extending from grand plant facilities to small as supplying relative material and equipment and expanding the field and lines continuously.
We are being contacted by leading national and International contractors and customers of different interests for trading affairs and to feel satisfaction by joining business with us. From this time forth, we will advance everlastingly with continue reformation and growth with our ceaseless efforts.


We at Delta will do our utmost towards the goal of fixing our image in the business society and will continue to grow up with all of you. Alongside this vital work, the business development, our technical staff of the company have been concentrating on reaching new markets, both national and international, we are striving for even higher quality awards.